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Posted by Stephen Nelson-Smith on
I had a wonderful time in Setubal. David and his family were wonderfully accommodating, and I loved the atmosphere at the club. We worked hard for two sessions a day, and then had open practice in the evening. In some ways it was humbling, as David is not afraid to be direct in pointing out shortcomings in technique, and highlighting weaknesses, but for me I think it was a turning point in my development as a player.

I'd highly recommend a visit. The town itself is lovely, and Portugal is just the best. And the training is super too.
Posted by Ben Swift on
TTPor is a fantastic place for fulltime TT training. I stayed at the club for two weeks in December 2017. There were usually one or two other players in the day sessions, so I got tons of personal instruction frm the coaches. Different trainingpartners came in throughout the two weeks so I got to face a variety of players and styles. In the evening the regular club members come and train, a mix of kids and adults. That was fun, more relaxed open play and some drills.

I have been to other camps before, MDTTC in the US and the B75 in Denmark, but I liked TTPor the best. It's the least expensive for one thing, Portugal is a beautiful and fascinating country (no offense to Maryland or Denmark), and the coaching was outstanding.

I would recommend TTPor to anyone, at any level, who wants to work hard all day at their table tennis and have a great time in an amazing place.
Posted by Timo.S on
It was very fun and usefull to be 5 days in TTPor. We practised 2 times in a day and those were good practises. David is very good coach and he really knows how to deal with different level players. We were 2 backhand pimple players there in october 2018 and he taught us new skills.
There were 3 of us in morning practise and you get very individual teaching then. In the evening we also have private sessions and after that we practised with club members.Atmosphere is very nice and family like

Setubal is nice place (good food,wine and not expencive)and quite nice beaches near the town. The whole camp we had was quite cheap if you compare other camps in Europe.Living in Setubal is also cheap.

Ill say this TTPor is very good place to practise. No matter what level player you are they will teach you. Im going there again in February 2019.
Posted by Evan on
I had the pleasure of staying at TTPOR and training for over 2 months earlier this summer after the recommendation from BRS (sorry if some of this was posted in BRS' post). I couldn't recommend it more. For the cost of training and location you can't beat it. And David and his family took me in like family and they treat anyone from outside to train there REALLY well. The hospitality is amazing. I work online and so my main concern was how the WIFI would be. I never had any issues with the WIFI as I worked all around the building whenever needed.

Setubal is a beautiful medium sized city. There is delicious, cheap food all over the place. The sea is a 15 minute walk from the club and there is a park right next to the club as well if you want to chill out and relax. The club is actually inside a soccer stadium which is pretty interesting. There are amazing beaches about a 15 minute car or bus ride away or you could take a bike trip for 30-45 minutes. I was there from May-July and it was sunny and 20-30 degrees celsius almost the whole time. It barely rained. There were times when it was pretty hot in the club but nothing unbearable. The people are extremely friendly and welcoming at the club. Most of them speak English. Portuguese people in general are very social and friendly and so there is just a nice vibe in the city. I would learn a little Portuguese just to show them you are trying but it often happened that when I would speak my broken Portuguese to someone they would respond in English with a laugh.

I made trips to popular spots Lisbon, Sintra, Alentejo, and Algarve. Lisbon is a short walk and 45 minute train away. A great city to explore. The scenery everywhere you go is amazing. The coastal views are stunning. Things are more expensive in the tourist areas but everything in Setubal is very affordable even if you're coming from the US with the currency exchange to the Euro.

The dorm setting is perfectly adequate. It is a small twin bunk bed which is plenty comfortable. The shower has hot water and was fine as well. If you're used to staying in nice hotels then you might want to stay outside of the club at an AirBNB or hotel. But for the price it is a great setup. The food provided for your breakfast, lunch and dinner is very nutritious and healthy and they feed you well! And when I wanted to go out to restaurants to eat out it was no problem. I just told them not to order meals for me that day.

Training was very flexible. Because I had to work periodically throughout the day, David worked around my schedule. We typically would have a session from 10:30am-12:30pm or so and then break for lunch and then go from 3-5pm. And then there is free play after 6pm usually which gives time for more drilling and possible matches.

David runs the club with his father Domingo and David would be your main coach. He is probably close to a 2400 player and at the time I was there was chopping with long pips and has since switched back to being a two winged looper. So he can coach any type of style. He has really, really good serves as well if need help with that.

The training was heavily focused on multi ball and drilling. On Tuesdays and Thursday mornings we would work in groups. In the afternoons it was often solo coaching sessions with multi ball. If no one else is staying there then you will get personal coaching time. If there are other people staying there you would work in groups or switch out for private one on one time with David. You can also request to have structured private coaching by yourself if there are other players there. When a group of French players came toward the end of my stay I requested some time for private coaching and was happy to pay extra. As I said the cost to train there is incredibly cheap compared to say if you were to get private coaching in the US.

I'm a 1900 USATT player and I was put typically with the top junior players. My main training partners were probably 1900-2200. I don't get to play people over my level here in the US so this was quite the treat and exactly what I was looking. Depending on your level you will be placed with similar level players and often players a level above to push you. So many times David would check on me and make sure I was getting good training.

There is no need to feel intimidated about training in this environment if you're a lower level player. I saw sub 1000 players come in and they were treated just the same and given good training. Any level of player would thrive here. I watched them working with the kids as they have a large junior contingent and they are really good at developing players. They will give you the experience that you want and need. I love pushing myself in training and so David would push me to my limits. If you're a more casual player and just want a fun experience then that works too.

As for my improvement, I saw a great improvement in my techniques especially my footwork and power. I had studied under Brett Clarke and the previous few years so I already had a good technical base. This meant we didn't have to spend time on an overhaul of anything. It was mostly little tweaks like shortening strokes and then learning more advanced techniques like banana and forehand flicks. With that said it was tough for me to integrate everything and my level did not necessarily go right up now that I'm back in the states. Part of that is due to my mental mindset and me finding it difficult to put it all together. The thing about TT is it takes time for most of us. I would say I could see it really benefiting players who have pretty good technique who are in the 1600-1900 range. I know most people can't stay for an extended period like me but I think even a week there would help a lot. As an English player who roomed with me for a week said, coming to Setubal to train for a week was cheaper than the same amount of hour of coaching at home.

I highly recommend TTPor and learning from David. I think it's a guaranteed positive experience and you'll have a lot of fun and get the experience you're looking for.
Posted by Max on
I stayed at TTPOR Atema for a week in September 2019. I have never been to Portugal before and I started to play table tennis again at the beginning of the same year. Please consider this information when reading my review.

I enjoyed a warm welcome at the academy. David Diniz coached me the entire week. I also met his father who is a gentle and very experienced person. Everyone at the club is well-mannered and I never met someone rude. There are a lot of children that practice on a daily basis and the mood is generally good. The place is old and the stadium is a little run down, but that did not matter for me. If you are used to modern facilities, you might not like the place.

For me, however, this did not matter since David is an excellent coach with a great understanding of the game. He improved my gameplay a lot within a short timeframe. He constantly reminded me of mistakes or things that need further improvement, however, in a gentle and caring way. I enjoyed this way of practice and teaching. For me as a physician frequently teaching younger colleagues and aspiring doctors, this is how education works. Repetition and communication lead to remarkable improvements for me. I also took a lot of notes, so now I can really track what I learned. I would definitely recommend this place. The people at the academy speak English, do not worry about this!

Setubal is okay as well. I came for the training mostly so I didn't go for sightseeing. There are a lot of nice cafés. For vegetarians, I can recommend the restaurant, “O Canteiro” near the beach. Great vegan / vegetarian food for a good price.

Finally, I would (and plan to) come again. Thank you for the great week at TTPOR Atema Academy !!!
Posted by ILko on
I spent a week in Setubal TTPor Atema in July 2019.

The place is amazing, people are modest and friendly. You can get refreshments at reasonable prices and the Portuguese food is very tasty. You are not far away from four very clean and nice beeches which can be reached by either bus or ferry. Despite the fact it was in the middle of the holiday seasson, the beaches and the town were not overcrowded. Also, the local transport network works well.

Having time off from your table tennis practice at this time of the year will give you plenty of opportunity to enjoy your free time and do not forget Lisbon is only 45 minutes away by bus, at a fare of 5 Euros from Setubal.

Now as for the table tannis coaching - it is first class! David and his father Domingus are professional coaches with many years of experience between them. They know how to analyse each player individually and help them improve on their techniques. Not only do you get one-to-one coaching, but you also have the opportunity to practise with some of the Club's best players.
At the very beginning you will have an assessment of your abilities, and together with the coach you make a personal programme as to what you want to achieve. Should you need advice on your blade and rubber they have the expertise.

I can strongly recommend TTPOR Atema and hope myself that I will be able to return one of these days....
Posted by AntonioHoade on
Obviously I've just gotten back so I can't say with authority yet that what I learned at TTPor has raised my level. And the risk with any intensive camp is not being able to get enough quality training at home afterwards to make use of the new information. But considering that it cost me less to live there for two weeks, even counting the cost of all the daily training, than it does to live my normal life at home, there is no risk.
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