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Strand Pedagogical / Educational

The Academy will work primarily for children from 5 years, for the purposes of training and development through sport, particularly the Table Tennis.


• Promoting Table Tennis as a sport duel without physical confrontation leveragingit as one of the procedures for the election of the century, according to the instructions of the International Olympic Committee;
• Provide a healthy development of young practitioners in the fields psychomotor, cognitive and socio-affective through sport;
• Provide contact with the sport, teaching them the basics of the game, throughplay and expressive activities;
• Teach respect for teammates and opponents game, creating a parallel with other activities;
• Instilling in young people the habit of practicing a sport regularly, giving them to know the main benefits of such education;
• Promote the acquisition of habits and attitudes that contribute to life in society.


Strand Training / Competition

Also arises the need to create a Training Center can support a work directed tothe detection and selection of talent, enabling the exchange of experiences withforeign athletes and coaches through continuous and permanent placements, witheffective monitoring of their work and the goal of reaching the highest level insport.


 To provide young athletes the opportunity to pursue a career related to sportsTennis, supported by technical expertise;
• Promote a continuous detection and selection of talent in order to train athletescapable of reaching the top level of the sport both nationally, or internationally;
• Collaborate and provide conditions to interact with the Portuguese Federation ofTable Tennis in placements for groups of athletes and National Teams;
• To exchange with Federations and National Associations and Foreign, stages of both athletes and coaches for their technical training / tactics, either "on thesport's workshop;
 Support the Association of Table Tennis in the preparation of the SetúbalDistrict Selections;
• Work continuously with the structure of competition Vitoria Setubal will be directed to where all the athletes for such conditions;
 Promote the acquisition of habits and attitudes that contribute to a better life in society.

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