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As one of the oldest and most persistent claims of associations sportsthe sports officials carry out their activities on a voluntary basis, graciously, sacrificing their leisure time - and family! - The interests of sport, so that such activities must beencouraged and supported by the State, through an appropriate Statute of theSports Director for that, so they can continue - unselfishly - to promote the sport.

The leader lives in this sporta crossroads in time. The sport has become, differentiating the intentionsmotivations and practicesThe changes in societybrought about this changeThe clubsin their large differentiation of situations,living in a crisis that in fact is a direct result of global social crisisThe lower classes economically disadvantaged are the most strongly affected by its consequences and those who have more difficult access to sport.

The popular clubwho is with the people and that is why they createdmanaged and kept in operationfinds it very difficult to carry out their duties. The voluntarysports leader (referred to here as sports director and benevolent to mark their identity) is ahead of the more complex obstacles.

What the future holds for this important "actor" of social lifeThe crisisto remainand probably getting worsewill cause their "death" as some vaticinam longOr,precisely due to this increaseits social functions will be finally recognized leadersports and duly supported as an important means to address the "diseases" of modernity?

Then there is the need to support the preparation of sports agentsfor their importance in the entire GAME "

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